Calming Covers

Calming Covers is a small business that creates weighted blankets for

Option 1

This version conveys a strong sense of peace and calmness. The mesh between the dark blue and lighter blue releases a sense of weightlessness. It also helps portray sincere and traditional value.

The shape of the mark resembles the shape of the font helping to create that balance and harmony as well. The mark has a light monoline shaped like a continuous thread that helps bring out the underline message.

Option 2

This version portrays tranquility, but creates a sense of playfulness. The blue brings in the bright contrast and the purple releases a sense of peace and spiritual well-being.

The shape of the mark flows into the type well and creates balance and harmony. The first curve looks like a “C” and the second curve speaks a subtle “Cover”; giving the sensation of that “Calming Cover.”

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